Research Collaborations

Philanthropic and Federal Funding Partnership Process

The Gerontological Society of America is pleased to partner with members, researchers, organizations, universities to submit research grants to federal and philanthropic funders. Given the broad array of opportunities for funding mechanisms and partnerships, GSA has outlined process for an organization to participate based on GSA’s role in the funding opportunity.

  1. Letter of Support
    1. GSA provides letters of support for members or organizations submitting a proposal if a grant is related to GSA’s Mission and Vision. Projects involving GSA members will receive priority.
    2. Requests shall be submitted to GSA VP Professional Affairs at least 21 days in advance of the requested submission deadline to direct the review.
    3. GSA CEO/VP Professional Affairs may request a briefing by telephone to clarify goals of the proposal.
    4. Grantee shall provide sample letter and/or outline of goals of the proposal along with how grantee envisions GSA’s mission/vision relationship to proposal.
    5. GSA requests that proposal includes opportunities to disseminate research results through GSA channels including, but not limited to, publications, webinars, annual scientific meeting symposia and/or abstracts.
  2. GSA as Grant Partner
    1. If a researcher(s) seeks to work directly with GSA to submit a proposal, the investigator shall contact GSA CEO/VP Professional Affairs as close to funding announcement date of issue as possible to evaluate the feasibility.
    2. GSA VP Professional Affairs will schedule a telephone briefing to clarify goals of the proposal.
    3. Submit a Grant Partnership Request document at least 90 days prior to grant submission deadline. This document will be limited to 3 pages. GSA recognizes that this is a draft concept and that the proposal evolve as it is written. At a minimum, to the best of the partner’s ability, the request will include:
      1. Funding Announcement/Proposal Title and Description
        1. Include goals, submission deadline, program officer
        2. Describe any contact with program officer and/or funding agency specific to this proposal
        3. Describe any previous work funded by this agency for your research.
        4. Documentation from funder will be included as Appendix A to the request and is not included in the page count.
      2. Describe how the grant proposal relates to the GSA mission, vision, and strategic goals.
      3. Provide a brief outline of the concept and outcomes to be developed to be responsive to the grant announcement. This does not need to be final, recognizing that as a grant proposal develops the concept is refined.
      4. Define GSA’s role in the grant submission as a :
        1. Co-Principal Investigator
          1. a. GSA must serve as a Co-PI when it will be responsible for grant submission and/or serve as fiscal agent.
        2. Co-Investigator
        3. Subcontractor
      5. Outline GSA’s roles and responsibilities in the grant proposal and grant fulfillment.
      6. Outline entity or agent responsible for grant submission and reporting, including reporting requirements.
      7. Outline budget requirements for the project. Define the fiscal agent for the grant.
      8. Outline dissemination plan for project.
      9. If intellectual property will be developed as a result of the proposal, define ownership.
      10. Provide information on the commitment of other partners engaged in the grant proposal, including proposed roles and responsibilities.
    4. GSA will review Grant Partner Request and communicate decision in writing no later than 10 business days from receipt of request.
      1. In addition to consideration in Grant Partnership Request, GSA will evaluate request as it relates to other partnerships, other GSA grants before funding agency, value of proposed outcomes of grant to GSA membership.
    5. e. When it is determined that GSA will partner on a proposal, regardless of role (Co-PI, Co-Investigator, Subcontractor), both parties will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (Letter of Agreement) that defines roles and responsibilities and outlines a timeline for submission.
    6. For grants that will be submitted to funder by GSA:
      1. GSA must actively participate in the project development; and
      2. all final submission materials, approved through all institutional reviews, must be submitted to GSA no later than 2 weeks before grant submission deadline.
  3. GSA Grant Submissions
    1. a. GSA often submits grants to funders directly and may invite GSA members to serve as Co-PIs, Co-Investigators and/or sub-contractors based on areas of research and expertise.
    2. GSA will provide a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines roles and responsibilities, timeline for submission, and budget requirements prior to the initiation of the project.
    3. For Federal Scientific Meeting Grants (R13/U13):
      1. Co-PIs are expected to provide in-kind effort to support the grant. Travel and registration fees are included in the budget for Co-PIs in accordance with federal funding guidelines.
      2. GSA does not submit grants on behalf of members when it does not participate in the project development.