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GSA offers numerous opportunities for partnership.

GSA Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund will enable GSA to strengthen its commitment to fulfilling the needs of its members in the years ahead. Given the forthcoming demands on aging-related professionals, this initiative is the founding investment in the future of gerontology. All contributions will be used to invest in the development of new programs, products, and services for members.


General contributions to the Society, which may be tax deductible, are always welcome. Website visitors can also donate to specific causes, such as the BSS Emerging Scholar Fund, the Carol A. Schutz ESPO Fund, AGHE Tree of Knowledge, or SRPP Endowment Award. To donate now, click here. To make a contribution in the form of a donation pledge, click here.

Planned Giving

Individuals can help ensure that GSA's important work continues for years to come by including a gift to the Society in their overall estate or financial plans. Donating in this way often results in tax benefits for the contributor. The website offers tools and resources to craft a gift plan that provides for our future as well as yours.


GSA offers numerous advertising opportunities. The Society's journals and newsletter, which boast subscriptions in the thousands, frequently feature paid ads for conferences, jobs, resources, etc.

Mailing List

A list of GSA members is available for purchase. The list may be fine-sorted by 4 Society sections,15 disciplines and professions, 9 institution types, or 6 functions. Combination sorts or random sorts are also possible.

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