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GSA Connect

GSA Connect is a member benefit that allows for interactive professional networking. This tool encourages online resource sharing, discussion of hot topics in the field, and other ways to collaborate with your GSA peers. Members have access to a robust directory, libraries, and more.

GSA Membership Directory

Integrated into GSA Connect is a searchable directory of GSA's membership; members can find each other by name, institution, section, fellow status, and more.

GSA Interest Groups

GSA has many interest groups that are formed around a topic or issue that cuts across disciplines. Interest groups meet at the Annual Scientific Meeting and provide opportunities for networking, collaboration on research projects, and increased involvement for members and non-members in the conference program.

Social Media

Stay connected with social media tools dedicated to sharing information and connecting people. Each page on the GSA site offers links that allow you to share content on various social media channels. Visit Facebook and Twitter or follow us on LinkedIn.

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