Programs & Services

GSA has established itself as a convener of alliances and multi-stakeholder collaborations in the field of aging; these include the National Adult Vaccination Program, the Communicating Effectively with Older Adults: What Really Works online training module series, and such initiatives as OTC Medication Behaviors of Older Adults; OTC Sleep Aids and Sleep Health in Older Adults; OTC Medication Reconciliation for Older Adults; and Mild Cognitive Impairment Screening Tools and Earlier Diagnosis.

GSA's policy branch, the National Academy on an Aging Society, oversees the online Policy Center, which contains advocacy information and links to policy-related resources.

In light of the growing demands of the baby boomer population, a GSA Corporate Leadership Forum works strategically with the Society to address the multi-faceted issues impacting aging research, education, practice enterprise, and business models. Tackling the issues and challenges being placed on industry, government, the healthcare system, communities, families, and individuals, the panel identifies solutions that address the ever growing need for innovative technology, products, services, and support.

And through an ongoing series of webinars, GSA provides educational opportunities to the gerontological community at large.

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