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Volume 42, Number 2: Fall 2019

Volume 42, Number 1: Spring/Summer 2019

Volume 41, Number 3: Winter 2019

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Volume 41, Number 1: Spring/Summer 2018

Volume 40, Number 3: Winter 2017/2018

Volume 40, Number 2: Summer 2017

Volume 40, Number 1: Spring 2017

Volume 39, Number 4: Winter 2016/2017

Volume 39, Number 3: Fall 2016

Volume 39, Number 2: Summer 2016

Volume 39, Number 1: Spring 2016

Volume 38, Number 3: Winter 2016

Volume 38, Number 2: Fall 2015

Volume 38, Number 1: Spring/Summer 2015

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Civic Engagement in an Older AmericaDecades of gerontological research focused on the civic engagement of older adults has influences and will continue to influence policy and practice. "Civic Engagement in an Older America" compiles key research on older adult civic engagement that has been published in the peer-reviewed journals of The Gerontological Society of America: The Gerontologist, The Journals of Gerontology, Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences, and The Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences.

These chapters present original essays authored by leading gerontologists that address issues of concern and outline future directions; foundation article selected by the authors and discussion questions complement the essays to promote a deeper understanding of the issues.

This publication can be purchased from GSA's online store in its entirety or by each chapter.


Molecular and Cellular Biology of AgingThe approach in generating this comprehensive textbook has been to compare aging at the cellular and microbiological levels across multiple forms of life. It is now clear that the vast majority of living organisms display some aspects of aging, many of which appear to be conserved throughout evolution. This perspective is integrated into each chapter of "Molecular and Cellular Biology of Aging."

Comparative aspects of aging are emphasized throughout the book and, where possible, those molecular and cellular mechanisms are delineated, highlighting those that are unique to a particular species or animal group.

Important controversies and major gaps in our knowledge are discussed, both of which are vital considerations in a young field of research where some inconsistencies are apparent in the primary literature.

Aging is one of the most complex problems of our time. "Molecular and Cellular Biology of Aging" helps scientists to put it in greater perspective.

This publication is avaible in ebook format. It can be purchased from GSA's Online Store in its entirety or by each chapter.

journal public policy  Public Policy & Aging Report, published quarterly, explores policy issues generated by the aging of society. Each thematic issue is designed to stimulate debate, highlight emerging concerns, and propose alternative policy options. Recent issues have addressed legal and policy issues associated with end-of-life care; technology and aging; income security among older populations of color; Medicare reform; and elder abuse and neglect. The audience consists of decision-makers in the public and private sectors, advisors and staff to those decision-makers, program administrators, researchers, students, and the interested public. Articles in each issue are informed, to the point, and provocative. Authors are drawn from the leadership ranks of the policy, practice, and research communities. In Public Policy & Aging Report, these authors are afforded the opportunity to engage readers in a more timely and pressing manner than is afforded through most other publication formats. Each issue contains an article in the Editor's Choice series, representing a paper that the editor sees as providing an especially significant contribution to the field of gerontology. These articles are available free to non-subscribers.



Latest News

  • The latest issue of Public Policy & Aging Report on veterans titled, "For Veterans Everywhere, and Those Who Care for Them: Current Perspectives of VHA Care for Older Veterans," is now available online.
  • Brian Kaskie, PhD, Editor-in-Chief of Public Policy & Aging Report was intereviewed for a September 25, 2019 Forbes article titled, "Insights on Cannabis, Attitudes and Opioid Use From Dr. Brian Kaskie and the Cannabis and Older Persons Study."
  • Public Policy & Aging Report is now published by Oxford University Press, which means GSA members have complimentary access to the complete catalog of back issues!

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