GSA 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting


About the Meeting

The Gerontological Society of America (GSA) is the largest and most established interdisciplinary scientific organization devoted to the advancement of gerontological research, learning, and practice. Through its Annual Scientific Meeting, GSA offers nearly 4,000 international professionals in the field of aging the opportunity to learn the latest trends and development from industry leaders, build strategic partnerships to address aging challenges, and network with peers.

The 2020 GSA Annual Scientific Meeting will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from November 4 to 8, 2020, with the theme, “Turning 75: Why Age Matters." The 2020 theme was selected as a celebration of GSA's 75th Anniversary! We’re celebrating the collective accomplishments of members that have strengthened the field of aging and the mission of GSA. Presentations, programs, and activities will reflect the theme of the 75th year which is "honor the past and enrich the future." 

Abstract Submissions for GSA 2020 will be accepted until March 12. Listen to a message from GSA President Kathryn Hyer as she discusses the theme.