Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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GSA has created a Diversity and Justice Working Group, whose purpose is to make tangible and actionable recommendations to GSA’s Board of Directors for short-term outcomes to increase diversity and inclusion among the membership of GSA.

As established by former GSA Board Chair President Kathryn Hyer, MPP, PhD, FGSA, FAGHE, in 2020, this ad hoc committee will review existing and suggest new internal policies and practices that should be implemented — to both improve the organization’s ability to meet the needs of its members and to bolster the contributions the society can make for addressing the needs of older adults.

Additionally, longer-term strategic suggestions for how to increase the external societal impact will be welcomed as products from the working group.

GSA has a tradition of supporting an inclusive environment in aging research, education, and practice. Since 1987, the organization has been guided by a Minority Issues in Gerontology Advisory Panel, which seeks to increase the quantity and quality of research related to minority aging issues and to attract minority members in Society activities and governance.

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